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Friday, September 16, 2016

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Until I began helping with Third Grade reading, I did not know how much I missed teaching younger children. It is a real joy to be with them and I also enjoy seeing my Senior lad once a week. It is such a blessing to have the school here and I will be going to another football game this Saturday. When I walk around the grounds after lunch, it is fun to watch the various activities the boys engage in and then watch the girls who seem more likely to be deep in conversation with a few boys present, but most of the boys seem to invent active games. One of their favorite games seems to be getting in a circle with six or eight and bounce a ball back and forth off their knees. Amazing to watch them. The tennis courts are filled during my morning walk and I wonder if they just arrange their classes to have the early period free for tennis. The schedule of the classes seems to be different each week and must give someone a great deal of work to keep rearranging each week. I am glad that I no longer need to do that! In Chile, as Head of the School, I also had to plan the schedule for the High School and then the Grade School. Since many of our teachers also were teaching in the public schools, it was quite complicated and often I would finish late at night. Now, it is good not to have that kind of responsibility. It is time to enjoy life! I mean by that to enjoy the interior life each of us has with the Lord.
Still, one does not spend 65 years as an educator without learning that we are always educating by what we do or do not do, by what we say or do not say, by what we write or do not write...

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