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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is it easier to be grateful than to be patient?

Live in gratitude and joy and you will spread His Love to all. I have been thinking about another quotation from St. Madeleine Sophie:
"Try to acquire the virtues so necessary to win hearts: gentleness, affection and evenness, the fruit of patience, together with that ardent love of Jesus which I desire for you."

My theory is that a grateful person is a happy one and the joy attracts others; maybe I think it is easier to work at gratitude than to have patience. I wonder, too, if one can be gentle and affectionate even without patience. I guess I have been working for years at being patient with myself and then with others. I find some situations difficult and need to try not to show impatience, but when I am grateful, it seems easier to be patient.

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