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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What am I gratefu lfor today?

I wake up and am grateful that I have another day of life. Then I go to take a shower and am filled with gratitude for the gift of water!
The water in the shower is hot, but the tap water is cold and that is something I did not experience often in Miami. Just the gift of water makes me grateful and happy. Then I think of all those who lack water; not just hot water or water from a tap or even from a pump. Many people in this world have no easy to reach water. Some need to go to the river and the water is not pure. Others find a well or a spring but need to carry whatever water is needed to their homes that may be at a distance. And I, I take this running water for granted and seldom used to stop to thank for it. Now, I do appreciate this gift and respect it. I pray that all may have clean water so necessary for life. God gave us water and wants all to have access to it. Let us pray just for this one thing today.
I admire the many missionary groups that spend time with youth each summer to bring water into villages. They dig trenches and lay pipes to give people access to the gift of water.

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