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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Picture Meditation

Sometimes just to look at a picture leads us into prayer. This one fascinates me as it has so many images: the stream, the little falls, the path and the trees and then there are the ducks, and swans and a white horse. What fun to contemplate what each might mean - all are God's gifts.

I had a wonderful experience of God's gifts Tuesday morning in helping two third grade boys; they took turns reading the story to me and we would stop and discuss it. They both are good readers and could answer all the questions and we did cover the story and some of the suggestions at the end of it. They could use the words given in the vocabulary in sentences that they invented so I could tell these boys are bright and they were so well-behaved. I guess I will have these two only every three weeks as there are three third grade classes and so next week I will meet two new children. It is a joy to work with them and one of the advantages of being here with this large school on the grounds.

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