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Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Deceptive Attraction

Pope Francis thinks that gnosticism exercises a deceptive attraction for some people, "since the gnostic approach is strict and allgedly pure, and can appear to possess a certain harmony or order that encompasses everything." 
38." Here we have to be careful. I am not referring to a rationalism inimical to Christian faith. It can be present within the Church, both among the laity in parishes and teachers of philosophy and theology in centers of formation. Gnostics think that their explanations can make the entirety of the faith and the Gospel perfectly comprehensible. They absolutize their own theories and force others to submit to their way of thinking. A healthy and humble use of reason in order to reflect on the theological and moral teaching of the Gospel is one thing. It is another to reduce Jesus' teaching to a cold and harsh logic that seeks to dominate everything."

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