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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Called by name

This year we miss the feast of Mary Magdalene because it falls on a Sunday. I did not want to skip it; it was also the Feast  Day that our Foundress, Madeleine Sophie always celebrated when she was still alive.
Mary Magdalene has much to teach us about the interior life. She sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him, if we identify her with Mary, the sister of Martha. She probably was not that Mary but we know that she was a faithful follower and was there at the tomb weeping because she could not find Jesus. Then Jesus appears to her, but she does not recognize him until He calls her by name.

How many times has Jesus called each of us by name? What joy to encounter the risen Lord in the midst of our daily life. Pope Francis would tell us to recognize Jesus in each person but especially the poor and needy. Let us ask Mary Magdalene to make us true Apostles of the Love of the Heart of Jesus.      

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