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Friday, July 20, 2018

The Blessed Trinity and Interior Life

Even while reading and praying over the wonderful document on holiness given us by Pope Francis, I have been finding that my own prayer is much more a surrender to the Holy Trinity. It is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who dwell in each of us. As a Religious of the Sacred Heart, most of my life of prayer has been concentrated on Jesus who so loves us; now Jesus is taking me to a new consciousness of the indwelling of the Holy Trinity. As I really do think our interior life is more interesting than our exterior, I am looking for ways to express the ways our inner lives have developed and are now strong and the most important part of our lives. I think we need to go back over our lives and see how God has been leading us - not just exteriorly, but interiorly. The interior life is definitely the most important.
It takes prayer and reflection to get in touch with our own interior history. It is a good project for the rest of the summer. I suggest a journal to jot down anything that comes to us and I am sure the Holy Spirit will bring some important moments in our interior life back into our consciousness if we spend this time in silent reflection. Let us try it!

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