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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Do not extinguish the spirit of prayer

We will finish with gnosticism today. In #45 in Guadete et Exsultatae, Pope Francis quotes St. John Paul II who warned of the temptation on the part of those in the Church who are more highly educated "to feel somehow superior to others members of the faithful."
The Pope also quotes St. Francis who wrote this to St. Anthony of Padua: "I am pleased that you teach sacred theology to the brothers, provided do not extinguish the spirit of prayer and devotion during study of this kind." We also get a quote from St. Bonaventure who pointed out that true Christian wisdom can never be separated from mercy towards our neighbor. "The greatest possible wisdom is to share fruitfully what we have to give...Even as mercy is the companion of wisdom, avarice is its enemy."

Tomorrow we will look at the other contemporary heresy: Pelagianism.

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