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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Let ourselves be guided by the Spirit...

We continue to now look at Chapter Two in Gaudete et Exsultatae as I had skipped this chapter to get to the Beatitudes, aspects of prayer, and discernment which were covered in Chapters 3,4, and 5. You can find all in the archives of my blog.

42. We cannot claim to say where God is not, "because God is mysteriously present in the life of every person, in a way that he himself chooses, and we cannot exclude this by our presumed certainties. Even when someone's life appears completely wrecked, even when we see it devastated by vices or addictions, God is present there. If we let ourselves be guided by the Spirit rather than our own preconceptions, we can and must try to find the Lord in every human life. This is part of the mystery that a gnostic mentality cannot accept, since it is beyond its control.

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