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Monday, July 16, 2018

We dwell in God

We near the end of these many days looking at Pope Francis' Gaudete et Exsultatae. In #50 we are told that "the lack of heartfelt and prayerful acknowledgment of our limitations prevents grace from working more effectively within us...Grace, precisely because it builds on nature, does not make us super-human all at once. ... Unless we can acknowledge our concrete and limited situation, we will not be able to see the real and possible steps that the Lord demands of us at every moment, once we are attracted and empowered by his gift. Grace acts in history; ordinarily it takes hold of us and transforms us progressively. 

#51 "....we need to live humbly in his presence, cloaked in his glory; we need to walk in union with him, recognizing his constant love in our lives....God is the Father who gave us life and loves us greatly. Once we accept him, and stop trying to live our lives without him, the anguish of loneliness will disappear... So often we say that God dwells in us, but it is better to say that we dwell in him, that he enables us to dwell in his light and love....In him is our holiness."

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