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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back to Ordinary Life

My brother and his wife left today. They have been very concerned about their dog who has not been well. You can see the dog with John in this picture I took the last time I was in Gold Canyon, Arizona, where they live. We did a great deal in the time they were here, and I am grateful that they could come and be with me for four days. 

Wanting inspiration this morning for prayer, I picked up my "Sister Wendy on Prayer" - a book that I brought with me as I love Sister Wendy Beckett. There is this quote on the back cover: 
"Prayer is for all of us. God wants to love us and to give himself. He wants to draw us to himself, strengthen us, and infuse his peace. The humblest, most modest, almost imperceptible running of our fingers on the door and it flies open." 

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