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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This Feast is special for those who have great devotion to Mary. We believe that she is now with her Beloved Son from the moment of her death as she was taken up to heaven body and soul to be with Jesus for all eternity. She has never stopped being the Mother of all of us and watches over us. 

I love having two mothers in heaven. Both love me and I think both are very active in caring for me. Both tell me to love others. Our Lady comes to me when I need her. She consoles and strengthens me and always tells me to do whatever Jesus tells me. She also brings me my other mother's love and wants me to draw strength from the fact that I have both mothers always interceding for me and inspiring me to be better.
I am trying to imagine what a homecoming it was for Mary to reach heaven and be able to embrace her Son. I also imagine what it was like for my Mom to be united with my Dad when he died. And then there are all those Angels who now have Mary.
I guess we need to wait until we go to heaven to understand what it is like, but I am more in touch with the Communion of Saints now and sometimes let my imagination run wild.

The Memorare is my favorite prayer to Our Lady.

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