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Friday, August 3, 2018

"I am calm, I am smiling...

I am still at Villa Maria del Mar and will share one of the helps to my own interior life. I am sure I must have shared it before, but this little prayer is one I say often and find it really helps me to center. We sing it at the end of our reunions!

Breathing in, breathing out
I am calm, I am smiling;
You in me, I in You;
Present moment, wondrous moment
Peace to the world, peace to the world.

Try it and see if it is not a great help. You can say it at anytime. It is now something I say after Communion and often at night, but also while driving, waiting for someone, etc.

I count on your prayer during these precious days of retreat. And I am praying for all who read this blog!

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