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Thursday, August 9, 2018

W are all on a voyage...

Today I have a quote for you that I copied from the "Praying in These Emerging Times: A Reflection Journal" that is an LCWR publication. This is from Ellen Dauwer, SC and I like it:

"These days life in God is one of journey for me. There is neither clear path nor exact destination, for daily choices and steps determine the way. The gifts of the Spirit provide light and the grace of God is sustenance. I pray for an open mind, a discerning spirit, and a loving heart for the days ahead. Who knows what lies before us and what is yet to come."

My light from the June retreat is that I am in my last boat, I do not know exactly when I will arrive at my destination, but Jesus is the Captain of this boat and I am at peace. It is good to know that this is my final voyage and, although there may still be many ports-of-call, I will arrive safely at the end of this voyage.

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