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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Feast of St. Louis and my Dad's Birthday

Being born and raised in St. Louis, I did know that this was the day we celebrated the saint, but it stands out for me as my Dad's birthday. We always had a party with all the family and it was a great celebration. It was also the last event of the summer and we knew that after the 25th meant getting ready for school. I think that all our schools began after Labor Day when I was growing up; now some begin by the third week in August.

My Dad was really a wonderful person. He was kind and loving and helped so many in different ways. I remember him in his old age as still taking care of the swimming pool each evening and then just sitting and contemplating a rubber swan that would swim around the pool.  

Here is another quote from St. Madeleine Sophie:

"Let us always await God's good pleasure in a spirit of peace. He watches over us with a father's care; we must believe that all He ordains is for the best."

Just a week before my Dad died, I had a dream in which my mother came and took Dad with her saying to me that it was time and she had come for him. Dad died on Easter Monday, but we had all been with him on Easter and my sister and I had him anointed on Holy Thursday. He was quite himself until the end, sitting up in bed and enjoying his meals. Since then, I have felt the presence of my parents near me. This is a grace that I am so grateful for and hope others also have it.

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