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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Advent is coming

Advent begins this Sunday and I will be flying to Miami. We begin the Busy Persons' Retreat for the faculty and staff at Carrollton on Monday; the six of us on the Team will meet over lunch on Monday and prepare the opening prayer. It is the first time we have had the retreat in Advent and so I am steeping myself in some of the beautiful Scripture passages. I may not be using them with my retreatants, but I love Advent and will hope to spend this one with great desire for the coming of the Lord.

The spirit of Advent is one of joy. The angel came to Mary and greeted her joyfully. "Rejoice and be glad" is also the name of the Pope's Exhortation on holiness for all Christians. God is at work in our world and we must believe He is all powerful and can write straight with crooked lines. I do not know where that expression came from, but I feel that we are called to trust the Heart of God who loves each of us infinitely and knows what is best for us.

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