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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Old Woman Saint

Sister Judy Brown was a novice with me; she wrote the following that I want to share with you today about our St. Philippine Duchesne when she finally was able to go to be with the Indians at Sugar Creek and then had to return to spend her last ten years at St. Charles:

Old Woman Saint

And creased face went to Sugar Creel,
Your eyes speaking hope,
Your ears compassion.
Others preached,
You prayed.
Others taught wise truths,
You played with children,
Smiled at them and held a small
Bird in your lap,
Hid a frightened child in your skirtfolds,
Wound your ancient time-piece once
Again before child's-gaze,
You blessed the prairie Church
with your true presence.
Then with your old body
And beads smooth-worn
Went home to die,
You, with your old hands.

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