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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Deepening our love relationship

I read the other day that it is good to deepen our love relationship with Jesus by forming the habit of thinking every time I breathe in that God is saying, "I love you"; every time I breathe out, I am saying to God, "I love You, too." I think I added the "too" and also I hear God saying my name as well as I love you. I have been trying this and find it very helpful. It centers one, makes me feel peaceful and so I hope to continue this practice as I walk around or make my bed, etc. 
We had our usual first Sunday of the month as a silent day. This was so welcome after our busy last two weeks of October. Since I am seeing four for the Busy Persons' Retreat this week, I suspect I will only get around to answering letters, etc. next week. Retirement out here keeps one very busy!
Let us pray much for the elections - that those who are elected will work for the common good; let us also pray much for the Church and for the Bishops' meetings next week.

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Unknown said...

I love this practice. Thanks, Sister Helen, for being my spiritual companion this week. Your wisdom, love, and compassion have made a huge difference. Diane