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Friday, November 23, 2018

We give thanks, and we pray...

The fires in California have left many mourning the loss of family, friends, homes, and even their whole town. I imagine what it is like to lose everything at once. After the hurricanes in Florida I would have students try to tell me what they were going through; they had not only lost their homes and all their clothes, books, pictures, money, but important papers like insurance cards, credit cards, birth certificates, etc. We were always told to keep a fireproof box with important papers to grab in an emergency, but when frightened, one thinks only of escaping to a safer place. Imagine what it has been for so many that were taken by surprise and had to flee the flames without thought of anything except to escape.

Yet, those who made it out without being burned are just grateful. So many others were trapped even if they had made it to their cars. Fire can be so deadly and California has had so much land destroyed by fire and now we have so many new homeless people. Let us thank for the help that is being given to the victims and hope that people will be generous. Getting shelter for all before Christmas is a priority, I hope, for the nights are cold here and some have had to live in tents. Do pray. Pray for those who have lost their lives, for those who mourn them, for the brave firefighters who are risking their lives to contain the fires, etc. 
We are collecting here and have sent clothes, shoes, nightwear, etc. to the shelters near the wildfires for these people have lost everything.

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