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Friday, November 30, 2018

Preparing for Advent

Today is the day my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. As the oldest child, I was the one to remember it. My parents were always in love with each other and, I think, my mother told me that they were never separated for even a night except when she was giving birth to one of us and kept in the hospital, and then, when my brothers were old enough for Scout Camp and my Dad went with them as he had been one of the first Eagle Scouts in St. Louis.

As we are going to begin Advent, let us think of Mary who was at first troubled by the Angels message, but then accepted to be the Mother of God. I am sure she did not understand, but she was open to whatever God wanted. May we, too, be fully surrendered to whatever is the will of God for us.
Let us ask Mary to prepare our hearts during this Advent to again receive her Divine Son, Jesus. May she purify our hearts and help us to discern day by day what pleases Jesus. We want to be very attentive to the Holy Spirit. 

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