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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Setting sail during Advent

The image of setting sail into the unknown has stayed with me. I am not worried as I am in a boat with Jesus. I am not sure when I will reach my final destination, but just to be with Jesus is enough for me. I find it gives me a deep peace to know that He is steering the boat and I am just to be with Him. May this peace last and may everyone experience it.

Advent is a time to cultivate silence. Oakwood will have the usual silent Sunday tomorrow, but I will be flying to Miami and I do find it helpful to lose myself in a book on a plane, but it is also a great time for prayer. I hope all will pray for the Busy Persons' Retreat. I will put something short on the blog for the week I am away and I have some gorgeous pictures of ocean scenes to share. Sometimes the picture leads to prayer and is more powerful than words.

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