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Monday, December 3, 2018

Here I am, Lord...

At Oakwood during this Advent we are looking again at some meditations given to the entire Society of the Sacred Heart by Concha Camacho in 1978. I intend to share tidbits with you in this blog for this week while I am away giving retreats.

"Here I am!" Lk 1:38
"God comes to us in the present moment. The present moment is like a continual birth of God within us.
Our whole being should be attentive to God, because God is our present. We must open ourselves to God in silence, in listening, in hope. Let us open ourselves to Him, for He is present in each circumstance, in the concrete details, in suffering and in joy.

We must live the faith in the present moment: "Ecce", 
Here I am. I am present at what I am doing because I have full confidence in God who is present.

To be present to God is to reach out with him in love towards humankind, to enter into communion with him and in him, with all humanity....."

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