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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Question for the Day

Did Mary and Joseph try to explain anything about His birth and infancy to Jesus? If so, when? I just began thinking about this today. Did they tell Jesus about the star, the wisemen, the shepherds who came because the angels told them that Jesus was born? Did they tell Jesus about the flight into Egypt, the killing of the innocent boys that Herod had ordered? I am wondering how they would have told these stories to Jesus and when? He stayed in the temple when 12 and realized that it was his Father's house. Had Mary and Joseph told him before they went up to the Temple that year?
Of course, some of the Gospel stories are to teach us a truth and we sometimes do not understand that the details may be different, but I grew up with the Christmas stories and have prayed with them so now I am wondering just how much Jesus was told by Mary and Joseph and at what age.

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