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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Second Sunday of Advent

Last year I made much of the Advent wreath and how we lit a candle each week in expectation of the coming of the Lord. Oakwood has a beautiful Advent wreath in the Chapel, but this year we have one in Westwood, too, to unite the ten of us living there around it in prayer each week.
"Give us this day has a beautiful Advent Wreath Blessing so I am copying it here for you to adapt for your own wreath:

"God of hope and love, we praise you for sending Jesus, your Son, to save us from our sins and to be the light in our darkness. Bless us as we gather in his name, and bless this wreath as a sign of your unending love and of Jesus' presence among us. Keep us watchful in prayer as we await his return in glory."

I returned yesterday quite tired from my week in Miami, but also energized spiritually as I had wonderful retreatants and Carrollton is always so welcoming and Paul Parker makes the week really a delight. The problem is that I am feeling too old to make the trip again next year.  I think the Lord is saying to me that I need to cut back. However, I so enjoyed seeing other RSCJs, having lunch with several of my reflection group who continue to meet monthly, seeing others that I have directed or given the Busy Persons' Retreat to in former years, etc. I am really feeling grateful!

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