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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Joy of Advent

Tomorrow we light the pink candle to indicate that we are now in the Third Week of Advent with a spirit of joy. The Lord is coming and coming soon. Let us prepare our hearts to make room for Jesus. It is so easy to clutter our hearts with useless thoughts, worries, daydreams, etc. Take time today to just be with the Lord.
I made my first Vows 66 years ago today. I remember the day perfectly and the joy I felt. I also remember standing on a bench in the children's locker room and telling the girls I had coached in basketball and hockey how wonderful it was to belong to God. Now, all of us belong to God, but there was and is something special about promising perpetual poverty, chastity, and obedience. It is not the Vows that I focus on but the gift of self to the Lord and His acceptance of me. What joy this has given me!
I have written all my Christmas cards, prepared the Advent prayer for the community for next week, and now I am going to just relax and be quiet, I hope, to savor the last days of Advent. I do want to do some more clearing out in my room, but that is silent work. I hope all can find some time for silence to just listen to the Lord!

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