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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

"Let your word be carried out in me"

Continuing with tidbits from the 1978 meditations of our very Reverend Mother, Concha Camacho:
"We have not only to follow Jesus, but also to re-enact his life, striving each day to reproduce his obedience to the Father. Mary's example of submission is so simple, yet so complete.

To enter into our Mission … and to help others on the way to freedom, we need love of a high quality and a stronger, more intimate union with Jesus. … our constant prayer should be: "Let your word be carried out in me."

Mary's response was one of joy, trust, abandonment, because she was at prayer. May our prayer be rooted in life, and may we do what God wants in all simplicity, without too much calculation or discussion, but with a ready heart. ….
Who better than Mary can teach us the supreme blessedness of listening to the word and putting it into practice?" 

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