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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mary calls us to live ....

Since I am still in Miami giving the retreat, I am quoting Concha's reflections given in 1978, but new to me and I find them helpful for Advent.

"Our life needs the atmosphere of cooperation that comes from attentiveness to people, from interest in their personal growth and contribution to the common good, and from the pooling of gifts. The gift each one receives is for the others: 'Each one receives from the Spirit a gift to be used for the common good.' (I Cor. 12:7)

I think our country needs to do this, but it begins with each of us. How often am I thinking of my good instead of the good of the whole community? Or we think of the good that touches us, but do not think of all who should be having shelter, food, some security for health etc.
Let us pray for all who need our prayer, but especially those in positions to work for the common good.

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