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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Holy Family

Christmas is always a time for family gatherings. It is fitting that we feast the Holy Family tomorrow, but let us also take time today to remember our own families and how our own parents celebrated Christmas with us.

This year, when we were decorating the living room in Westwood, where I live with ten others, I found that we had red string with a needle to thread white popcorn and large red berries on to them wrap the strings around the tree.  This triggered memories of sitting on the couch in our huge living room the first year we had moved into our big house on Westminster in St. Louis. My mother wanted an old-fashioned Christmas tree and so here we were trying to thread the berries and popcorn to decorate the tree. I was ten years old and it was the first time we put up the tree before Christmas Eve; it always was done when my sister and I were sleeping. It was a memorable Christmas because my brother George was born very early on that Christmas morning.

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