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Friday, November 9, 2018

Nearing the end of our Bicentennial Celebrations

Using the daily calendar that has a quote from Philippine for each day of the year, has helped me to stay with her in a new way. She cares for our holiness and will give us her gift of prayer and fortitude, if we persevere in asking her. She only wanted and I suspect still wants to spread the love of the Heart of Jesus to every part of our world. I know she must be trying to help all immigrants now and must find what we are doing to keep refugees from entering our country inhuman. 

I really wanted to begin thinking of a special practice for Thanksgiving. Would it not be helpful to gather each evening, maybe over dinner, and each would share what she or he is most grateful for that day. It would make us all reflect on so much that happens each day to be grateful for and how often we forget to thank! I suggest we all try to do this. We only have a dozen days to prepare for Thanksgiving! 

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