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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Letting images come into our imagination

I have always believed in the power of the imagination. As one steeped in the tradition of Ignatian prayer, I have cultivated the ability to enter into a scene and hear Jesus speaking, etc. As a young nun, I had an artist who was superior and she wanted me to see every detail of a scene and imagine the colors of the clothes, etc. I am not so sure I captured all of that, but I think I do have the ability to enter into Gospel scenes with little effort.

Sometimes one must sit with an idea and just let the image appear. I keep having an image of a boat - sometimes it seems to be a small motor boat, other times it is a sailboat. What does not change is that I am in this boat with Jesus and he is the Captain and I am the crew. Usually, the water is peaceful and we are just sitting together in silence and I am content.

What images come to you in prayer? Let them appear and they will begin to influence you in some new way.

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