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Friday, November 16, 2018

Remembering Philippine

Philippine left all to come to America and bring the Society of the Sacred Heart to the new world. She arrived in 1818 and founded the first Sacred Heart school in St. Charles. I will not go into her life here, but want to share a few quotes for you to reflect on today. These quotes today are from the wonderful calendar that can be bought at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Omaha. The store is online, if you wish to order one; it can be used year after year as in has the date but no day and their is a page for each day of the year.
This is from a letter to her sister in 1829:
"You want news of me. Well, I consider myself still young because I do what I did in my younger days, but I often receive the compliment, "My but you are old!" I trust I shall not survive you, as I have already survived two sisters who were younger than I," ( This was dated two days before Philippine's 60th birthday.)

Here is a quote from Philippine: "Profit by little trials that come to you, for through them we make real progress."

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