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Monday, February 15, 2021

My Guided Imagery


Last Wednesday I was able to have another Guided Imagery by Zoom with a group and several guides. It is not the same as having an individual Guided Imagery, but it still can be powerful. This one took me down into the depths of the Heart of Jesus. I was reminded of a phrase from a lettter that our Mother General wrote in preparation for the bicentennial of the Society of the Sacred Heart. She wrote the letter in November and I entered for the Feast of the Sacred Heart in 1950. The phrase that has never left me is "the solitude of His Heart is a crushing reality". I think my call to Religious Life came from the desire to be united to Jesus for all those who do not think of Him, pray to Him, thank Him, etc. It was a great shock to find out that being a Religious did not mean immediate union with Jesus.

In my guided imagery last week, Jesus, my Good Shepherd came and I was able to go with Him into the depths of His Heart. It is hard to write about now, but it was a deep experience of His Love and left me with a renewed desire to stay with Him in His solitude. 

Since we are back in quarantine since before breakfast last Friday, I am having plenty of solitude and hope I am able to spend the time with Jesus. I am again taking time to color in my Psalms Coloring Book, a great present. It is a contemplative thing to do and I really enjoy it  once I have made up my mind that I need not do anything else. I guess I think of it as an indulgence, but I know it is very helpful and I enjoy it, once I begin coloring.

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