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Monday, February 22, 2021

So many are suffering from the cold, the snow and ice

 Here I am in California and imagining what others are going through when I read the weather reports. I think our community on the school grounds in Houston has a real fireplace in the living room. I hope they are not freezing and maybe even have electricity by now. I am writing ahead but know that Texas has not had electricity in many parts and now the news is that people are to boil their water, but if they have an electric stove they cannot do that. I hope that all this suffering is making the country aware of the need for ecological reform before we destroy our planet. 

To go back to Lent, I mostly have thoughts this morning from reading James Martin's book on prayer. I am discussing the first two chapters on a zoom tomorrow and have these two thoughts to share: There is no one way to pray and God often makes prayer easy for a beginner. Now, I am so convinced that God made us so He can love us that it makes sense for God to give us a desire for prayer as it is in prayer that we form a relationship with God and allow Him to love us. 

Just take some time today to sit with God and receive His Love!

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