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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Shrove Tuesday

 It is really cold in much of the Midwest and it is hard to believe that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.

Since we are in quarantine, I think nothing will happen here, although maybe a pastoral minister will appear and drop ashes on our heads going frrom room to room. I doubt it, but one never knows.

We are having a King's cake and that will be fun. In the meantime, I am giving serious thought to Lent and how the Lord might want me to spend it. I read something this morning that spoke of choosing a word for the year; it triggered my memory and I went back in my Journal and there was my word for the year: docility. So, I am planning to try to practice docility to the Holy Spirit and plan my solitary days with discernment and docility to the Holy Spirit. I am also going to return to a practice that has been so helpful in the past: never go to bed without having done something for someone and thanking for the opportunity. Sometimes it only means an email, but I think ever act of love raises the level of love in the universe.

Have a happy Shrove Tuesday!

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