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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Perfect book to read during Lent

 It is just a week before Ash Wednesday and time to start thinking of what God wants us to do during Lent this year. I am going to suggest that we all read James Martin's new book, Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone. I have been going through it quickly and will order my own copy today as it is a book that can help us improve our relationship with God. James Martin, SJ, says:"The most common way God draws you closer is by placing within you the desire to be closer, the desire that drove you to think about prayer. Stange as it sounds, your readingof these lines at this moment is a sign of God's call."

Father Martin is an excellent spiritual director and I believe that all of us can learn from this latest book of his how to improve our relationship with God and how to be aware of how God is calling each of us.

I am having a Guided Imagery by Zoom this morning and my reflection group this afternoon and the rest of the week is also full so I am going to just put something short on my blog each day, but I will always post a picture as I know some like the picture and a picture does help us to slow down and maybe even leads us into prayer. This home reminds me that God has prepared a home for each of us and waits for us there with all the lights on to welcome us!

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