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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feast of St. Rose of Lima

When I was teaching at the Normal School in Peru I discovered what great devotion the students had to St. Rose. I went to pray at the tiny hut in her parents' garden where Rose lived a life of prayer and penance. She was born in 1586 and became a Third Order Dominican while still young; she worked to help the poor and the sick until her death in 1617 after an illness of three years. She was canonized in 1671, the first canonized saint from the "New World."

Today I want to share with you a marvelous book that I have just received. It is Albert Nolan's latest: Jesus Today: A Spirituality of Radical Freedom." My copy is the third printing from Orbis, 2007. It came out in 2006 and I think it will be a spiritual classic. Nolan's Jesus Before Christianity has sold more than 150,000 copies. He is a Dominican priest from South Africa who is a real scholar. His latest book is about the spirituality of Jesus; Jesus had a spirituality of his own and we can learn from him. Nolan says that Jesus' spirituality might be more relevant than ever before and that is is a spirituality of radical freedom.

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