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Friday, August 24, 2007

Prophet and Mystic

In reading Albert Nolan's Jesus Today I am struck by how he insists that anyone who wishes to take Jesus seriously would have to be prepared to become a prophet and a mystic.
Before Jesus, prophets were rare individuals. Jesus' aim was to open up the spiral of prophecy to everyone. We can all learn to read the signs of the times; we can all become courageous enough to speak out like prophets.
We can also become mystics. Mystical union with God is not an experience reserved for some special and privileged people. Jesus did not think that he alone could experience an intimacy with God. God was the abba and Father of all.

I was pleased to see that Nolan says that God's unconditional love was the foundation of Jesus' spirituality. It is definitely the foundation of mine. This conviction of God's unconditional love is what gives me joy and allow me to trust God no matter what.

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