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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feast of the Epiphany

I have always loved this feast and the tradition we have of drawing a "star" to follow for the year. The star is a virtue to cultivate and I hope I draw "joy" this year, but love, faith, gratitude, hope, humility, peace, etc. are all stars needed in our journey to find Jesus and Mary. May the Holy Spirit point you to your star for this new year of life.

Robert Morneau in his book "Fathoming Bethlehem" says that divine epiphanies are marked by song, whether sung by angels or shepherds or bus boys or migrant workers. He says that the Feast of the Epiphany is about the mystery of love. "Two elements always accompany love and are essential elements: light and life. In Jesus we are given the Light of the world and the very gift of Life itself, grace. What has been revealed is to be internalized and then shared. Each follower of Jesus is to become an epiphany. The true co-ordinates of the soul lie in the longitude of joy and the latitude of peace. The Magi returned to their homelands hands emptied but souls filled. In giving their material gifts they created room for spiritual blessings. The marking of Epiphany are the peace and joy that come from encountering God-made-man."
How am I an epiphany for others? Have I the faith to follow a star when it means leaving all?

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