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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The winter scene reminds me of many things; none of these memories are connected with south Florida where the average temperature is 83. Yesterday was lovely as the high was in the mid-seventies, but everyone thought they were freezing! I actually wore a sweater in my office. I do not miss the snow and ice, but sometimes a picture brings back good memories of sitting around a lovely fire in the fireplace, toasting marshmellows, drinking hot chocolate with melted marshmellows on top, and going sledding and ice-skating in the park. There is a feeling of cosiness when snuggled under blankets or just reading in front of the fireplace. All of this is causing me nostalgia after over twenty years in Miami. One time, a friend gave a Christmas party and turned her air-conditioning as high as she could get it so her house was cold enough for a fire in the fireplace!
I think I am escaping the fact that I need to get out and vote today. We are a very democratic country; voting is important. Yet, today I am reluctant to go. We voted against slot machines in this county; they are back on the ballot. The papers have been telling us about political corruption for months on all levels. Yet, I know my vote counts and I am going, but it is good to remember the times when I sat in front of a fire surrounded by family and friends and, as I remember it, without anything to trouble my cosy world. God was there, but God is here and telling me that a little nostalgia can be a good thing as long as the snow stays in the picture!

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