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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Feast of St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann was born in 1811 in Bohemia. He came to America to be ordained and then entered the Redemptorist Order in 1840. Twelve years later he was consecrated Bishop of Philadelphia. He was a great advocate for Catholic education. He died in 1860 and was canonized in 1977.
When I first started teaching at St. Thomas University, I used the Neumann room in the library for both giving the retreat in daily life and for spiritual direction. The University has an excellent collection of all his writings and I realize that I have never taken the time to read his life. Perhaps this will be one of the books to put on my reading list.
I finished, "Come Be My Light" this morning and loved the collection of private writings of Mother Theresa. You feel close to someone after reading their letters and even her retreat notes. She did not want these to be saved, but I am glad they were as I enjoyed seeing how God worked in her life and her generous response.

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