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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reflection Group

Tonight is our reflection group and we are using Albert Nolan's "Jesus Today and the chapter on the wonders of our universe. There is so much mystery in our world and the scientists are now aware of it. Energy, light, the parts of the atom, all really baffle the most learned. The whole is greater than its parts; the universe is expanding; let us bow down and worship the creator of all.

The picture of the empty boats reflects where I am this morning. Or maybe, it is where I want to be as the boats are at rest. I am feeling rather overwhelmed and glad to be going to my Shalom group this morning. We began almost twenty years ago and four of us have been together that long so it is almost group spiritual direction. We have taken in three more, but all of us have known each other for a long time. It is good to have such a group. Another group that is very life-giving for me is a faculty faith-sharing group that meets each Monday in my office. Again, the the male faculty members have been my friends for over twenty years and it is a real support group. I think the Reflection Group I started about 12 years ago with my community and many friends is what started my reflection on other important groups in my life. My Community (we are five) and the staff of the School of Theology are other groups that are life-giving and I am grateful for all those who make up these groups and other, more informal groups. It makes for a very full life and hence the moment of quiet, looking at empty boats, is essential, too.

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