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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I Learned in 2007

I think I promised to share some of the things I learned in 2007 as I reflected back over the year.
1. I learned that I still procrastinate, especially when it is a disagreeable task (I think my mother pointed this out to me years ago), but I also learned that I have incredible discipline when I have decided to do something and I can sustain it.
2. I learned that I can sit and contemplate beauty, even a tree outside my window and be lost in wonder.
3. I learned that I have many relationships with different people of all ages and walks of life, but that I need to make time to foster these relationships and be grateful for them.
4. I have learned that I go to prayer to let God love me and that He does love me as I am and is always waiting for me and always with me, but I am so often insensitive to His Presence in me and in others.
5. I have learned that good spiritual reading is a way to nourish the soul.
6. I have learned that I can still be effective, even if I am not efficient!
7. I have learned that I tire more easily and need to use the morning energy.
8. I have learned that accepting my limitations gives me joy and contentment.
9. I have learned that joy and gratitude feed off one another and both grow when discontent is banished.
10.I have learned that some silence and solitude is essential for my inner life.
11. I have learned that what really matters is that God loves me as I am and wants me to surrender myself to Him and trust like a child in the arms of a loving mother.
12. I have learned that my "to do" lists are never realistic.
13. I have learned that small acts of kindness and words of encouragement make a difference.
14. I have learned that getting older has its own joys.

I am stopping there. I realize that all the above was not learned in a year and that I am still learning these same things in 2008. I remember being told that if we make a resolution and then break it almost immediately, it is a good resolution as it is what we need!

My star for the year is joy and I hope it will be reflected in this blog.

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