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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I promised that I would share two new books with you. I happen to know both authors personally and look forward to their latest books. Joan is a Benedictine; Richard is a Franciscan priest.

I have not yet had time to read these new books, but love the authors and they look like books that I will find nourishing my own spirituality. I will include them in the spiritual book list. The first is by Joan Chittister who is one of the most influential spiritual writers of the 21st Century. It is "Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You" and was just published in 2007 by William B. Eerdmans. Joan gives us wonderful and wise insights distilled from the five great religious traditions. It is easy to read and yet calls one to live the wisdom discovered in the major religious traditions. Each Chapter tackles a different spiritual question.

The second book is a new one by Richard Rohr, "Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality," St. Anthony Press, 2008. Richard, the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico, has written many books and given lectures and retreats all over the world. He is another contemporary author who has the courage to call us to live the real vision of Christianity which unites sacred Scripture and Christian spirituality. I hope to have time to start reading both books today!

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