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Friday, May 30, 2008

Feasrt of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I do not like the images I found of the Heart of Jesus, but will use this one. I love the statue at Kenwood and have a picture of the head of Christ framed in both my office and my room and that is the only picture I really like. I will try to put it in my blog another day when I have the time.
I am just back from three days of prayer at the Cenacle in Gainesville. It was a tradition to take three days to prepare for the Feast of the Sacred Heart and we still renew our vows on this feast and are united with the Society of the Sacred Heart all over the world. In Miami today we will be renewing our vows in a liturgy with the students in our school. May our commitment of our lives to Jesus inspire the children who are present as I am convinced that Jesus continues to call others to follow him in religious life; our culture, with all the distractions, makes it difficult to hear his voice. We need to pray for those being called to whatever vocation God is drawing them to today. Sorry, but no time for more today.

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