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Monday, May 26, 2008

Spirituality Today - More for Reflection

Each one is unique; each one has his or her own spirituality. It is good to reflect on how we would try to articulate ours today.

I am continuing to reflect on what the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart has articulated. We state that "Prayer and intimacy with God in the Pierced Heart of Jesus is the wellspring of all that we are and do, and everything in our lives flows from it." We are "fed by prolonged times of contemplative silence and solitude."

When we were cloistered (we left the convent only for health and educational reasons), it was easy to have the silence and solitued; now we need to find ways to build it into our busy lives. I will be doing just that this week. I will drive up to Gainesville on Monday (today is Memorial Day holiday in the United States) to stay at the Cenacle for prayer and to see my spiritual director. These days will be preparing for the Feast of the Sacred Heart which is next Friday. I will drive back on Thursday. Because I will be out of town, I will not be writing my blog for the next three days. Pray for me.

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