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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Peaceful water brings peace

Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed or just disturbed and then looked at a peaceful lake, or a calm pond, and felt the stillness creep over you? Even looking at peaceful water brings me peace. I think others must have this same experience and I know that I am grateful for this means of restoring a calmness to my soul.

I am usually a very peaceful person and I thought the other day that it may be because I have so many lovely pictures of water around me. Over my desk at my office in the University I have about a dozen pictures of the Pacific ocean. The water is not still, but they bring peace. Perhaps because the pictures are scenes of the water where I make my retreat each summer, I find the peace of the retreat seeping into me by just contemplating the lovely scenes of the deep blue ocean.

This is the time of the year that I begin to look for new students for the International Online Program in Spirituality Studies. Having taught the online courses for six years, I am happy to let one of the graduates of the Program who is a read educator take over in September. I will continue as Coordinator of Spirituality Studies. I hope to attract more international students. We now have graduates from Belize, Malaysia, Australia, Scotland, Colombia, Haiti, and all parts of the United States.
If any of my readers are interested or know of others who might be interested in reading the spiritual classics and discovering how others have sought and found God through the centuries, please get in touch. I will add a bit of information about the Program tomorrow as it is a wonderful way to grow in your own spirituality.

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Gopikesh Acharya said...

Smooth writing..... so smooth like water itself.