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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"God is the strength of his people..."

Today's entrance antiphon was taken from Psalm 27: 8-9 and I have just stayed with it:
"God is the strength of his people. In him, we his chosen live in safety. Save us, Lord, who share in your life, and give us your blessing; be our shepherd forever."

I find these two verses very full of deep theology. God is our strength; we have all had the experience of knowing this to be true. How often I find myself unable to do anything, but with God all is possible. He has chosen us; that is a tremendous reason to rejoice. We have been chosen by God! In him, we live in safety. He has chosen us and he cares for us. We share in his life. Yet, we need to ask to be saved - to be saved from ourselves, from our busyness, from our weaknesses...and so we ask your blessing, Lord, knowing that if you are our shepherd we will not want; we will fear no evil for you are with us.

Heart Magazine arrived today and I read the article about my blog; it is true that it helps me to reflect and that it is not a burden for me to write it, but I am late today as I left the house early without having posted anything and then there now seems to be trouble with the blogspot connection and I am told to try later!
I think that my International Online Program in Spirituality Studies has led many to read Reflections of an RSCJ, but more about that tomorrow.

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