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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spirituality today

Everyone is interested in spirituality today! It is not easy to articulate one's spirituality, yet it is what gives purpose to our lives.

The Society of the Sacred Heart all over the world has been struggling all year to articulate our spirituality in preparation for the General Chapter held this summer. As each Province has shared their statement, I find a wealth of material for reflection and thought that I would begin with a few thoughts from the United States as we have formulated our spirituality statement.

We begin by affirming our "fundamental identity as women summoned by God's love revealed in Jesus." (I love the fact that being invited, called, attracted, by God's love has now become a more forceful "summoned" for us.)

Then we acknowledge that our "communion with the Triune God, who is Holy Mystery and Sacred Presence in our universe, is the ground of our being." To put this in my own words, union with God is essential, the ground of my being, the reason for my existence.

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