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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The beauty of snow

In Miami we do not see snow. A great deal of the United States as well as many northern countries have been suffering from the effects of snow this winter. We have just finished watching the winter games in Vancouver with wonderful scenery and fresh snow that was not the best for the skiers on the slopes with poor visibility and a softer track. Still, although I do not miss having to dig a car out of the snow or trying to drive through a snowstorm, I love to look at snow, fresh-fallen snow that is still dazzling white, as yet unmarked by a footprint. Is it the sense of purity? Or is it the stillness and silence that attracts us when all is covered with fresh snow? If you are one suffering from the effects of snow, I hope you will forgive me for remembering the delight of snow days, of sledding, of ice-skating and the bonfires with hot chocolate afterwards. Childhood joys that still are remembered. Did this reflection happen because Sunday's Gospel told us that the garments of Jesus became dazzling white? Or just because the news has been showing the deep snow that also knocked out power in the northeastern states? Hopefully the Holy Spirit wants us to remember the silence and stillness of deep snow after the storm.

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