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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Water gives joy!

Here is the second reflection from Scotland:

"The other feature we installed in the garden was a bird bath. I have had a battle keeping it ice free, as the temperature has seldom been above freezing. When it was frost free the birds had a wonderful time, some drank with evident enjoyment, others bathed and fluttered to preen and clean and others waited longingly for their turn. The sight made me reflect on my own love of water. The clean fresh taste of a pure cold glassful, the relief of being able to bathe and clean oneself, the wonder of Jesus promise of living water bringing new birth, all these thoughts were evoked by the activities in the water of the bird bath."

Since I live in Florida and we never see snow, I forget that some birds are really winter birds and stay even in snowy weather. We call the people who vacation in Miami from November to April the "snow birds" as they come with the first snow in the north and stay until the weather is warmer at home. We note a big difference in the traffic after Easter as there is a real exodus of all the "snow birds"!

On a more serious note, Jesus does give us living water; His Heart is always open for us to go and drink.

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